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    Hi! My name is goob, and welcome to Goooby V5!! I'm new to coding (I started in June of this year) but I'm no noob when it comes to Web Design I started off with Carrd in January of 2022-December 2021, but eventually dropped Carrd and moved to Neocities so I could express myself more freely (LITERALLY) But that wasn't my main motivatior; I've always wanted to learn how to code!

    June 17, 2022 I made my Neocities account but I didn't put it to use until June 24, 2023 and I've cycled through 5 versions now I'm not well versed in Javascript but I know CSS and HTML very well, if you have any questions let me know! My mail is, I check it semi often. Credit to Fancyparts for most of the patterns!

    Are you lost? Here's a map!

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    • Xeno hoard - My neopronouns and Xenogenders 👍 🏾
    • Writings & Reviews - Writing about things im passionate about, and reviewing stuff
    • Plushie collection - My collection of plushies
    • My friends - All my friends I love so much!!
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    • Carrd - Carrd that I will probably never update
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    Red dot = unfinished!! credit to Fancyparts for the red pixel!

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