Welcome to my diary, i won't be adding any css for a long time

as always NO triggering content gonna b talked about!!! this is in a month/day/year format cause im a PROUD AMERICAN!!!

9/18/2023 - lgbtq brainrot

I was barely awake from a nap i took yesterday when i was thinking about the Fionna and Cake show when it literalyl hit me. Good Omens was a book. I CAN JUST GO READ GOOD OMENS. I CAN JUST GO READ GOOD OMENS????? I CAN JUST GO READ GOOD OMENS!!!!!!!!! i was slipping back into my slumber with heavy eyelids like woah. i should read that. So all day I've been reading it, right now i'm 65 pages in and i'll not eat a single morsel of food until i finish. im not srs im gonna read this like a movie πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ«‘ right now i think its SO GOOD AND IF POSSIBLE READ IT!!! i don't wanna get too into detail but great and i love it it's a lot more detailed/explicit about the characters emotions which is GREAT are bye have an awesome day!!!

9/12/2023 - webrings are hard

wow i am like stressing out trying to get onionring to work ☠️ idk how you guys do this i am stunned the CSS file is bonkers bananas and straight up refuses to do anything at all i'll probably just try deleting FUCKING EVERYTHING AND TRYIGN ALL OVER AGAISN ASAHSHAHSHAHHAS besides that im feeling like all my layouts are the same or something like i want to make my sites more unique hmmm also i straight up haven't been watching the shows i said i would oops

9/5/2023 - feeling a little dead but it's alright

First day back to school after the weekend and Labor Day, i feel like a zombie holy fuck !!!! 🀐 and i have homework to do aughhhhh its alr i guess, i am just out of it today bro 😭 i am still so extremely grateful for 100 followers though, you guys are so cool and bring so much happiness to me ❀️ i had ice cream yesterday so that was nice, the flavor i got was Graham central station in a waffle bowl i highly reccomend it πŸ‘πŸΎ and i literally put 49 hours of game tim into royale high in the past 30 days

9/1/2023 - HTML Diary has returned.

I tried. I TRIED TO MAKE A WHOLE NEW PAGE!!! I love my HTML Diary too much to let it go πŸ’” it feels so simple and to the point idk its just so great!!! Lately, I've been struggling with my websites, they feel so boring and uninteresting. i feel like they're missing some kind of "wow" factor and i keep destroying them like half way through its getting OUTTA HAND. It's all good, I'm going to be taking a mini break from coding and read up some books and finish the Khan Academy JS course this weekend then make my return!!!! But also I'm going to watch the new Fionna and Cake show plus the WWDITS episode. OH OH AND OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH AND BEN10. A lot of shows to watch.... idk ill just be chilling and relaxing so i don't get burnt out

8/11/2023 - Autistic skill regression and learning art

i have been DRAINING myself trying to figure out a gahdamn layout for anything ever i swear i am so uncreative πŸ˜“ but i got some hatsune miku keychains today yippeeeeee but its all good i still love coding i just have a little bit of coders block i guess lmao! speaking of, i've been picking up art!!!! super exciting hobby and I think it's very fufilling. If you're thinking about starting to draw just do it who cares if it looks bad just have fun thats my advice it makes it so YOU ACTUAL ENJOY DRAWING!!!!! and no comparisons!!!!!! gahhh i miss kΓΆnig tiktok astonished emoji

i was gonna end it there but i want to go on a little tangent about how i have been going through the worst skill regression ever like writing/typing is getting kinda hard for me i keep SPELLING WORDS BACKWARDS LMFAOAOOAAO yesterday i couldn't even spell "maybe" its okay the last time this happened was around 2-3 years ago ill be ok 🫑

8/9/2023 - i am seriously cooking here

I'm working on my about me since I felt like it was pretty dull and I wanted it to be more like dynamic and awesome!!! I have a hard time differenciating "do i like this?" or "do i like the way this looks?" because I'll make a website and it would be considered well made but it just doesn't feel like me!! I don't feel like it matches my personality in any way (οΌ›β€²βŒ’`) BUT since you guys are so so cool and awesome and I hit 10,000 views I'll give you a tiny itty bitty sneak peak......

8/8/2023 - IM DONE... IM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

its joever. THE SITE IS DONE RAHHHHH i'll probably do some other things before posting it later today but I want to bring up the fact that I threw out this layout lmao

screenshot of my old scrapped site layout

ok yea you could say goob what the hell that looks amazing why did you do that and i would say idk..... IF U THINK IT LOOKS BETTER THAN WHAT IVE GOT COOKED UP IM GNA CRY DONT TELL ME THAT...... also very happy I GOT STATUS CAFE TO WORK!!!!!! and a brand new error page coming up later todayayyaya okay bye have a good day


pleas god. i am shaking my computer gripping the screen making this remake bro.... like i had a layout; then i threw it out completely cause i hate it and it looks SO SIMILAR to what i have right now!:!2!?@12/!@?123 and i still haven't finished my homework oops