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    Hi! My name is goob, and welcome to Goooby V5!! I'm new to coding (I started in June of this year) but I'm no noob when it comes to Web Design I started off with Carrd in January of 2022-December 2021, but eventually dropped Carrd and moved to Neocities so I could express myself more freely (LITERALLY) But that wasn't my main motivatior; I've always wanted to learn how to code!

    June 17, 2022 I made my Neocities account but I didn't put it to use until June 24, 2023 and I've cycled through 5 versions now I'm not well versed in Javascript but I know CSS and HTML very well, if you have any questions let me know! My mail is, I check it semi often. Credit to Fancyparts for most of the patterns!

    Questions and answers!

    "Can I hotlink you?"

    yea man idgaf

    "Can I take snippets of your code / use it as a tutorial?"

    yea man idgaf

    "How did you make your website?"

    That's a little hard to answer, but using HTML and CSS. I use Brackets to code, and everything here was made by hand I have a resources page to help out!

    "Can I upload pictures of your website on sites like Pinterest?"

    yea man idgaf

    "What does the WEB14 button mean?"

    Bascially, this is a site for anyone over the age of 14! I curse and use foul language, and make crude jokes!!

    "Can I use your layout?"

    No, not even my old ones.

    "I saw you updated your site but I don't see anything new?"

    I probably just added a button!

    "I'm a minor unfriendly/nsfw acc, can I interact?"

    HELL NO. Don't follow me please!

    "Age? Age range?"


    "Why do you change your layout/theme so much..."


    9/9/2023 -

    if you ever saw this posted by accident on the 3rd no you didnt!!!!!! (please) but yeah v5 is out and im happy and excited and woohooo and also new cbox emojis!!! now time to work on my terrible posture....

    8/26/23 -

    finished blog, and seperated diary/blog once more!!!!

    8/22/23 -

    i made some super good changes! i remade the "music of the week" text image so it looks A LOT BETTER!!! and the poll bunny image doesnt collide with the poll. speaking of, im planning of making the poll a monthly or bimonthly thing if im not too lazy about it. and theres new text effects. yippee!!!

    8/19/23 -

    about me page remake has been launchedddd and im super duper happy with it jdfjhsdjfhksdjf

    8/8/23 -

    would you believe me if i said i've been working on this since the SECOND OF AUGUST... yeah.... so! new everything!!! IM SO HAPPY IT LOOKS GOOD ACTUALLY!!! I actually had a completely different theme and layout then dumped it halfway through. wanna see what if looks like? click here! also lmk what u think!! thank q for 10k views!!!!!!!!!!

    7/24/23 -

    literally. i got my phone taken so all i do everyday is code not much to say yes i made a new layout in 2 days yes im ok

    7/22/23 -

    hayyy..... im here and im not even done with the website but i really just wanted to rush through and pop this out in time! school starts for me in less than 2 weeks so i KNOW ill be really really busy. Back to updates, theres ANOTHER new layout i should not have done this helloooo anyways its a bit bland ill accept that but. like. i just thought the bg was pretty and i wanted to base my thing off of it.... alr bye see you in a few days when i finish AND I PINKIE PROMISE TO FINISH THE PAGES!!!!

    7/15/23 -

    FINISHED THE REMAKE!!!!!! im crying rn i feel so SO SAURRRR HAPPY TO BE DONE!!!! this rlly humbled me tbh... I hope u all enjoy this website as much as i do cause it took a good 5 days to get done lmao also theres some lag when you first open it, I'm not sure y!!! ALSO LTERALLY YESTERDAY I HIT 1K VIEWS???? YOU PPL ARE AMAZING

    7/13/23 -

    hi yea the site is up and i have the layout ready now its time to get crafty

    6/19/23 -

    heyyyy yeah i broke my site err nayways i marked off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, i put a few images around the main container, and theres now two cute my melody gifs at the bottom. plus a new marquee lawl

    6/17/23 -

    ADDED ALT TEXT TO ALL IMAGES,made the old blue color darker so its less eye-strain-y, moved bottom links to nav bar, deleted old filler text, made the update log box longer, added images for bullets in lists! ^_^ if i missed an image that needs alt text tell me in my chatbox

    My buttons!

    either is ok!

    The current mood of goob at
    ┬ęGoob, Hosted on Neocities Jun 17, 2022 - THE DAY I DIE!!!!