Shark lovin goobie

All about Goob!!

i'm NOT austrian lmao just a joke cause i like konig and i needed a spacer aha

Who IS goob!??!

hi!!! im goob but idm nicknames like goobie/goober (^_-)db(-_^) im a west african muslim trying my best to survive the world of coding

I absolutely love to talk about my special interestss!!! i get kinda obsessed with

some charactersKonig....

but give me like a year or five itll wear off ahahsahjs i spend most of my

free time coding and by free time i mean every single day i am coding lmfao you might know already but ive been into web design for a while now but was using carrd but now that I know htmlcss i can do so much more and be as creative as i want!!!!! im changing layouts on my pages pretty. semi often. i swear i just have so much creativity to express!!!! my mutuals/people i follow are huge inspirations for me!

I use kaomojis often, so if you use a screenreader please let me know! Additionally, if my website is inaccessable in any way let me know and I'll try my best to fix it! speaking of code, mine is very. like bad. i learned htmlcss 2 months ago, bare with me BUT im open to questions on how i did certain elements i hand code everything i make, i dont enjoy other website builders bc of the lack of (free) creativity but i still respect those who do!


my kins!! (in order of most to least like me)


roblox, spongebob, sonic, ddlc, pjsekai, gowr, linguistics, hxh, jjba, codmw2!!!!!! gyarus, chainsaw man, sims 4, harp seals, scene, orv, hatsune miku, sam and max, scooby doo, resident evil, tlou, web design, jerma985, sigilkore music, wwdits, good omens, skip to loafer, boisvert, ALL MY AMAZING FRIENDS AND WEB MUTUALS!!!
call of duty is my current special interest


these are considered cringe now but whatever! southpark fans, -13yrs old, you hate neopronouns and xenogenders (I LITERALLY USE BOTH1!!!), nsfw accounts, proshippers, you use the r slur, dsmp/qsmp/usmp IDGAF, proshippers, idk man just if you're weird and gross stay back