All about... KÖNIG!

my pookie my husband my booboobear könig but, who is he??? He's a Operator of the Kortac faction in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II! When he was a child he was bullied due to his social anxiety, and when he was 17 joined the military hoping to be a recon sniper but was later assigned as an insertion specialist to serve as a battering ram charging through doors in contested environments and hes a scary bitch and im sorry but that wolf skin is just so funny thanks to the cod wiki for the info and foollovers for the bg

him killing people woo


where it all began 365 million years ago...

Imagine the year 2022... It is november.... I go on the clock app and I see a edit of Ghost and Soaps interactions, I jump. What is this game!??!?!? Call of booty.... All my life I have slandered this game into the dirt saying only annoying teenage boys play it (I'm still not wrong) well as the clock app does, it starts reccomending me more cod videos, and I soon see König. Well. like he looks boring and ugly LMAO!!! As more and MORE VIDEOS KEPT GETTING RECCOMENDED i started warming up to him, BUT NOW IM STUCK IN THE LAVA!!!! he's taken over my life i want to see my family again please 😖 well its been a year now (WHO KNEW!???!??!) and im still into cod its my special interest

He loves...


He hates...

showers probably LMFOASOAS

There literally isn't much known about him personally, SORRY 😭😭😭😭😭

But not everything is fun and games...

This fandom has a real bad habit... They keep fucking infantalizing him!!#!@!@@!!!! its driving me mad. AUGH JUST BC HE HAS SOCIAL ANXIETY DOESNT MEAN HES FRAIL 🤬 His ass wouldn't even pass selection pls. so please be so audaciously fr and understand hes just some european man

What do you think about konig?

I'll stop loving him in:

you think you love him more than me impossible because we've already gotten married (he wore the dress) anyways im also his BIGEGST BIGGEST BIGGEST FAN!!! if u think ur a bigger fan than me then DNIIIIIIIII DEE AN EYE!!!!! DEEEEEEE ANNNNNN EYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! ur not and ur super duper DELULU!!! LMAOOO!!!! Besides it doesnt matter that i don't even own the game or any merch its all about your attitude about the game fr and i have the most pep in my step so stay back !! besides im not about to pay 70 bucks on a game ahaa im just so responsible with my money (i actually don't have ANY MONEY and a terrible PC that wouldn't even run the game and I'm bad at FPS shooter games and I'm scared of vc and I have NO JOB and strict parents and i ABSOLUTELY would if i could)