Ghost "Can you talk?" "I can listen."



Simon "Ghost" Riley.

Ghost is a character from the Call of Duty game series, with their most recent game Call of Duty Modern Warefare II. He's also an Operator of the SpecGru faction!


Simon Riley joined the Special Air Service and spent the majority of his career serving numerous short-term deployments and executing covert assignments in classified locations. He became an expert in clandestine tradecraft, focused on sabotage, ambushes, and infiltrations into denied areas and hazardous environments. Ghost concealed his identity under a hallmark skull figured mask to maintain anonymity in the field.

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His team mates.

  • Soap
  • Gaz
  • Laswell
  • Alejandro
  • Rodolfo
  • Farah
  • Alex

fun fact.

  • He's a Lieutenant
  • There is a tattoo sleeve on his left arm you can see here
  • He unfortunately died in the orignal MWII 😭
  • There is a German Shepard named after Ghost, called Riley.


He doesn't talk much but he's been in the CoD franchise for years, and in the MWII He has like twenty lines max and he spends most of those just talking to Soap. (SOAP SHRINE SOON!!!!!!!) He only speaks when it's important and is very reserved but still has a sense of humor which you can see in the "Alone" mission. He seems to be tired/exhaused all the time which is like same bro lmfaoo but he's just over everything and is a pretty pragmatic person.

"You can't kill a Ghost."