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Marquees are a way to make images slide accross the screen. You can use the basic code below.

scrollamount="" would be how fast it goes by, and direction is the direction. So try playing around with the controls, you can put "left", "right", or "up" for direction!


Iframes are used so you can host a site inside of your site. This can be helpful to reduce lag where you have to host many images.

The code above can be used. Paste your link inside of src="" and it should work. Iframes come with a border so you can use CSS to remove or alter it.

custom cursor

A custom cursor is something you'll see on a lot of sites on neocities, including mine. There are a few ways to do it.

Let's say that the top of your site looks like this. Go to Cursors.4u and pick a cursor that you like, then scroll down to the code area.

You should almost always use this option, but if it doesn't work see the CSS option. It'll be almost the same steps as this one! Paste the code you copied between the head tags of your site and it should work! As for the CSS option you need to put it in style tags as seen below.

Now, to make your own cursor is different. You can use one of the two below codes but note that the body one is a bit less reliable. But still, use what works best for you!

hover over me!

You can use the "background-size:" property to make backgrounds look different. Additionally, you can position images to fit backgrounds correctly.

Are all ways to make background images look better.







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