Tiny Bunny text that says Music of the week! above a youtube video.


8/26/23 -

finished blog, and seperated diary/blog once more!!!!

8/22/23 -

i made some super good changes! i remade the "music of the week" text image so it looks A LOT BETTER!!! and the poll bunny image doesnt collide with the poll. speaking of, im planning of making the poll a monthly or bimonthly thing if im not too lazy about it. and theres new text effects. yippee!!!

8/19/23 -

about me page remake has been launchedddd and im super duper happy with it jdfjhsdjfhksdjf

8/8/23 -

would you believe me if i said i've been working on this since the SECOND OF AUGUST... yeah.... so! new everything!!! IM SO HAPPY IT LOOKS GOOD ACTUALLY!!! I actually had a completely different theme and layout then dumped it halfway through. wanna see what if looks like? click here! also lmk what u think!! thank q for 10k views!!!!!!!!!!

7/24/23 -

literally. i got my phone taken so all i do everyday is code not much to say yes i made a new layout in 2 days yes im ok

7/22/23 -

hayyy..... im here and im not even done with the website but i really just wanted to rush through and pop this out in time! school starts for me in less than 2 weeks so i KNOW ill be really really busy. Back to updates, theres ANOTHER new layout i should not have done this helloooo anyways its a bit bland ill accept that but. like. i just thought the bg was pretty and i wanted to base my thing off of it.... alr bye see you in a few days when i finish AND I PINKIE PROMISE TO FINISH THE PAGES!!!!

7/15/23 -

FINISHED THE REMAKE!!!!!! im crying rn i feel so SO SAURRRR HAPPY TO BE DONE!!!! this rlly humbled me tbh... I hope u all enjoy this website as much as i do cause it took a good 5 days to get done lmao also theres some lag when you first open it, I'm not sure y!!! ALSO LTERALLY YESTERDAY I HIT 1K VIEWS???? YOU PPL ARE AMAZING

7/13/23 -

hi yea the site is up and i have the layout ready now its time to get crafty

6/19/23 -

heyyyy yeah i broke my site err nayways i marked off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, i put a few images around the main container, and theres now two cute my melody gifs at the bottom. plus a new marquee lawl

6/17/23 -

ADDED ALT TEXT TO ALL IMAGES,made the old blue color darker so its less eye-strain-y, moved bottom links to nav bar, deleted old filler text, made the update log box longer, added images for bullets in lists! ^_^ if i missed an image that needs alt text tell me in my chatbox

What I'm Up to!

The current mood of goob at www.imood.com

About this stupid website!!!

This is just a lil place for me to express myself through coding!! The layout changes semi often idk i just really like to code!!!!

hii welcome to my website!!! I'm goob and this is version 4 or so!1!1!111 villain origin story now. two years ago I heard about carrd through the grape vine and made my own. it looked like hot garbage over the course of like 2020-22 I only used that with some exeptions like rentry, strawpage, spacehey, bearblog etc! June 17, 2022 I made a Neocities account, didn't understand it, then dropped it lmfao but in this year I PICKED IT UP AGAINNNN I still don't know javascript/jquery/xhtml but if you've got a coding question I'll help the best I can!!!! FULL CREDIT to kanahei for the art!!!

Questions and answers!

"Do you take commissions?"

YES!!! PLEASE COMMISSION ME!!!! I can get your site done in 2 days lickety split reach out to me literally anywhere, i take robux/any virtual monies even art!!! just whatever youve got

"do you have a button?"

yep!! please link me omg and lmk if you do so I can link you back!!!

"Can I take small bits of your code to use on my website or use as a tutorial?"

yea man idgaf

"Can I hotlink you?"

yea man idgaf

"What does the WEB14 button mean?"

Bascially, this is a site for anyone over the age of 14! I curse and use foul language, and make crude jokes!!

"Can I use your layout?"

No, not even my old ones.

"I saw you updated your site but I don't see anything new?"

I probably just added a button!

"I'm a minor unfriendly/nsfw acc, can I interact?"

HELL NO. Don't follow me please!

"Age? Age range?"


"Why do you change your layout/theme so much..."


more can be found in my about me!

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