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All About him!

I lied. Marumofubiyori is a trio! The bear is Moppu. The others are named Aijmaru and Mashu 😆 Marumofubiyori is his full name technically but still. im gonna focus on him even though i love them all! Moppu is polar bear cub that always has his favorite blanket and always sleeps!

Why I love him sm!

Im not even sure really he's just so cute 😭💖 I love his laid back attitude i love my blanket and relaxing for hours

Info sourced from the Hello Kitty Wiki

More facts!

he likes sticky food (daifuku), board games, and dancing

Moppu met Ajimaru on the street by biting him, thinking he was a Daifuku, only to find out he was a seal

Moppu gets sweaty in the summer due to him always wearing his blanket.


Kanikama, Gyoniku, Mashu, Ajimaru, The girl he lives with

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