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A stamp with the pride flag and rainbow hearts surrounding it that says 'Pride'. A pink stamp the says 'Cu' with 'Copper' under it and 'Te' with 'Tellurium' under it. Together it spells 'CuTe'. A black stamp that says 'Pretty good at bad decisions.' in white text. A white stamp with bows in the background and Hello Kitty on it on top of a bow that says 'Hello Kitty'. A stamp with the transgender flag and hearts around it in pink, white, and blue that says 'Pride.'. A black stamp that says 'I support drawing in math class'. A stamp with the grass block from Minecraft as a background and the Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft at the top that says 'Yep!' at the top and 'I play Minecraft' at the bottom. A stamp that is an image of Gloomy Bear plushies arranged in a rainbow order. A stamp that is an image of Mangle from Five Nights At Freddy's. A stamp that is a gif of Spongebob's face but it changes emotions. A stamp that is an image of a blue road sign that says 'Hell'. A stamp that is an image of a pair of vampire teeth A stamp that is an image of L from DeathNote. A stamp that is an image of Pompompurin laying in a pool floatie. A stamp that is an image of Emu Otori's face from Project Sekai: Colorful Stage. A stamp with a black background and the rainbow infinity symbol in the back that says 'Autism Acceptance' in white text. A light pink stamp with a very thick darker pink middle stripe which has the words 'Disrespecting neoprounouns is transphobic' in the middle in white text. A stamp that has an image of a shark in the background with text that says 'I ❤ sharks' in the bottom left corner. fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later fill in later

Hi!! im goob, i have been into web design for about 2 yearzzz and started off with a carrd! I still make carrds yk but i spend most of my time here on Neocities. Speaking of, I created my account on June 17th, 2022 but couldn't figure it out and completely dumped it. This year, I picked it up again and taught myself CSS and HTML.

Excitedily hosted on Neocities since Jun 17, 2022! Established on June 14th, 2023!


Nothing yet!


7/22/23 -

hayyy..... im here and im not even done with the website but i really just wanted to rush through and pop this out in time! school starts for me in less than 2 weeks so i KNOW ill be really really busy. Back to updates, theres ANOTHER new layout i should not have done this helloooo anyways its a bit bland ill accept that but. like. i just thought the bg was pretty and i wanted to base my thing off of it.... alr bye see you in a few days when i finish AND I PINKIE PROMISE TO FINISH THE PAGES!!!!

7/15/23 -

FINISHED THE REMAKE!!!!!! im crying rn i feel so SO SAURRRR HAPPY TO BE DONE!!!! this rlly humbled me tbh... I hope u all enjoy this website as much as i do cause it took a good 5 days to get done lmao also theres some lag when you first open it, I'm not sure y!!! ALSO LTERALLY YESTERDAY I HIT 1K VIEWS???? YOU PPL ARE AMAZING

7/13/23 -

hi yea the site is up and i have the layout ready now its time to get crafty

6/19/23 -

heyyyy yeah i broke my site err nayways i marked off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, i put a few images around the main container, and theres now two cute my melody gifs at the bottom. plus a new marquee lawl

6/17/23 -

ADDED ALT TEXT TO ALL IMAGES,made the old blue color darker so its less eye-strain-y, moved bottom links to nav bar, deleted old filler text, made the update log box longer, added images for bullets in lists! ^_^ if i missed an image that needs alt text tell me in my chatbox


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