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welcome to my site

hiiii im goob!!! i first started my web design journey 2 years ago when i first made a carrd (it was SO BAD AAAAAA...) and i lalalalove making carrds but i've mainly moved to Neocities because of the creativity it lets you have! I have used a PLETHORA of websites (carrd, rentry, neocities, strawpage, spacehey, bearblog) to make websites omg but i finally landed here.

I do want to put here that I WILL NOT follow nsfw sites, and i kindly ask that you do not interact with me in any way; if needed my age range is 15-16! I really love to help beginners in any way I can so pop a question in my guestbook or chatbox and I'll try!! (i don't know ANYTHING about XHTML,JAVASCRIPT,ETC 😭) if I didn't credit you for something lmk!!


oh yea and idc about hotlinking do whatever you want man

Nothing yet! :3

literally. i got my phone taken so all i do everyday is code not much to say yes i made a new layout in 2 days yes im ok

7/22/23 -

hayyy..... im here and im not even done with the website but i really just wanted to rush through and pop this out in time! school starts for me in less than 2 weeks so i KNOW ill be really really busy. Back to updates, theres ANOTHER new layout i should not have done this helloooo anyways its a bit bland ill accept that but. like. i just thought the bg was pretty and i wanted to base my thing off of it.... alr bye see you in a few days when i finish AND I PINKIE PROMISE TO FINISH THE PAGES!!!!

7/15/23 -

FINISHED THE REMAKE!!!!!! im crying rn i feel so SO SAURRRR HAPPY TO BE DONE!!!! this rlly humbled me tbh... I hope u all enjoy this website as much as i do cause it took a good 5 days to get done lmao also theres some lag when you first open it, I'm not sure y!!! ALSO LTERALLY YESTERDAY I HIT 1K VIEWS???? YOU PPL ARE AMAZING

7/13/23 -

hi yea the site is up and i have the layout ready now its time to get crafty

6/19/23 -

heyyyy yeah i broke my site err nayways i marked off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, i put a few images around the main container, and theres now two cute my melody gifs at the bottom. plus a new marquee lawl

6/17/23 -

ADDED ALT TEXT TO ALL IMAGES,made the old blue color darker so its less eye-strain-y, moved bottom links to nav bar, deleted old filler text, made the update log box longer, added images for bullets in lists! ^_^ if i missed an image that needs alt text tell me in my chatbox

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