Fast Blinking Hello Kitty
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Established 6/14/23!!

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seven white, pink, and brown heart shaped sweets lined up.
Hihiii I'm the webmaster, goob and this is my very first neocity as I learned to code in june of 2023 ☆⌒(*^-゜)v
If you use the inspect tool you'll see my absolute spaghetti code sorry about that lol feel free to ask me how i got certain elements on my site and I'll try to help the best i can!!!!
Thankfully, i'm on summer break so this website will be updated pretty often esp on the weekend but when it ends ill probably b inactive for long periods of time

A divider that is a pink bow with strings at the end.

i think ive died

i see nothing but red text i've fucked up somewhere..............

A stamp with the pride flag and rainbow hearts surrounding it that says 'Pride'. A pink stamp the says 'Cu' with 'Copper' under it and 'Te' with 'Tellurium' under it. Together it spells 'CuTe'. A black stamp that says 'Pretty good at bad decisions.' in white text. A white stamp with bows in the background and Hello Kitty on it on top of a bow that says 'Hello Kitty'. A stamp with the transgender flag and hearts around it in pink, white, and blue that says 'Pride.'. A black stamp that says 'I support drawing in math class'. A stamp with the grass block from Minecraft as a background and the Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft at the top that says 'Yep!' at the top and 'I play Minecraft' at the bottom. A stamp that is an image of Gloomy Bear plushies arranged in a rainbow order. A stamp that is an image of Mangle from Five Nights At Freddy's. A stamp that is a gif of Spongebob's face but it changes emotions. A stamp that is an image of a blue road sign that says 'Hell'. A stamp that is an image of a pair of vampire teeth A stamp that is an image of L from DeathNote. A stamp that is an image of Pompompurin laying in a pool floatie. A stamp that is an image of Emu Otori's face from Project Sekai: Colorful Stage. A stamp with a black background and the rainbow infinity symbol in the back that says 'Autism Acceptance' in white text. A light pink stamp with a very thick darker pink middle stripe witch has the words 'Disrespecting neoprounouns is transphobic' in the middle in white text. A stamp that has an image of a shark in the background with text that says 'I ❤ sharks' in the bottom left corner.