The worlds biggest call of duty modern warefare 3 spoilers you will ever see in your LIFE!


hey. detail of murder n killing because this is a shitty military propaganda game.

I wrote this as a rant 3-ish weeks ago? and I had zero intention of posting this here I just saw it in my google docs and said why not 💥i rewrote a majority of shit though

Welcome to hell

The Codmw3 campaign came out on the 3rd of this week (Nov) and boy I really fucking hated it!! They did so many batshit insane moves I have no idea WHAT was going on inside their heads. I'm going to split this into a few different parts because I'm a better writer than Activision and to make this easier to digest so this doesn't look like a LTE...

Where's SoapGhost...

Not just like 'I'm sad i didn't get to see my ship' kinda "Where's SoapGhost" but like. it’s like they’ve just become friends or something. MW2 had it and IT WAS HARD HITTING. Like they were actually friends who cared about each other. THE HUMOR WAS DEAD TOO LIKE WTF. When Soap died it’s like it barely affected him… ERM. THIS IS NOT THE SAME MAN WHO WAS WORRIED AND YELLED SOAPS NAME WHEN THE SHADOW COMPANY ALMOST KILLED HIM… Like girl be SO SOOOOO FOR REAL. I was seriously gritting my teeth about that BUT I'm going to leave that for the next paragraph. The interrogation scene with Milena was great though, I just wish the writing was much better in this campaign. I was starving this whole game for their banter we saw in the 'Alone' mission and it wasn't there. Non existant. Dead. LIKE SOAP.

The elephant in the room. (with a bullet in his head)

I can't talk about MW3 and NOT bring him up. We're all aware at this point. I hated Soaps death so much, not only because I'm the #1 Soap fan but also because they really did him dirt. 'Yh they tried to defuse a bomb then makarov shot him then they spread his ashes :3' . Can I digest this??? They did it so swiftly I didn't even register it. TF141 didn't either because not a single tear not a single cry out for him nothing just Soap was KIA. ???. To bring up Ghost again he was yelling Soaps name in fear of the Shadow Company killing him now he dgaf? BRO? Just 'Goodbye Johnny' and we get a black fade screen out FUCK YEWWW 😭😭😭😭

ROACH?????? ROACH??????

I'm not fuckin laughing. I'm not giggling. Nothings funnie where the fuck is Roach. He's been gone 3 years yall hate him. He was poofed in 09 but but brought back in 2019-2020 but not in MW2 OR 3. Huh. I swear to god if they bring him back in MW4 or some shit AND MAKE HIM A REPLACEMENT FOR SOAP. The 00s fans ARE GONNA HAVE A GOD DAMN FEILD DAY. RoachGhost walked so SoapGhost could run back in the day so now that Johnny is in Activisions basement and people are gonna throw rotten tomatoes at Activision for destroying the Ghost dynamic Roach will probably be back... I hate these circumstances. Yes Roach, Ghost, & Soap all died in ogmw3 but still. Like activision wants us dead because wow you killed of Roach ANF Ghost so RoachGhost is 6ft under then we get SoapGhost then you kill off Soap so thats 8ft under. I added an extra 2ft because you kept Soap alive in MW2 just to blow his brains out in the next game like you’re so evil you let it simmer…

The ending……

The ending was so shite don’t speak to me lmfao. Basically Price went and killed Shepard which is so. BUT ALSO GRAVES IS ALIVE AND BREATHING SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF MW2. But also Price is an actual war criminal now. This ain’t like the Alone mission in MW2 where TF141 was betrayed and went MIA. Price killed a Lieutenant General how are you gonna rebound from that ole girl. Not that Shephard didn't deserve it I hate that old bitch BUT IT'D BE BETTER IF HE WAS KILLED IN A MORE CONVINIENT WAY...

What’s gonna happen now………………… me thinks

Honestly I have zero idea what will happpen because Activision put us in these impossible circumstances BUT. But. It would so SOOOOO insane if we got a Ghost revenge arc you have no idea. I would be so damn happy to see that happen. Like Makarov blew Johnnys brains out and GOT AWAY WITH IT no way Ghosts gonna let that fucker go. To watch Ghost strangle Makarov to death then pull him back to earth just to do it again WOULD BE SOOOO SATISFYING. They just killed Soap then let the badguy live which is BASTARDLY.

In conclusion

I hyped it up for weeks. I wanted to love this game. Deep down. But I don't. This game is shite activison stop RUSHING your games mw2 came out a year ago you sickos.