Layout Stealing Is Getting Out Of Hand

For the love of god stop stealing peoples hard work. This past week I've seen many popular sites get their layout/WHOLE ENTIRE PAGE ripped off it's so upsetting. It's never happened to me, but I really feel for them. Neocities is a place where people come to express themselves through coding, Neocities doesn't give people pre-made layouts, we code these sites OURSELVES. There's no shame in using a premade layout, many users do. Up until V5 I only used a layout maker and I'm not ashamed of it! People spend so so SO SO SO MUCH TIME CODING. We're human beings who sit at our computers/laptops/devices for hours at a time pouring love into what we make, it's so disheartening to see someone just snatch that up.

Like many webmasters here I'm a full time student, some people here have jobs outside of Neocities. I use this to relax after school and unwind. Just please don't be a shitty human being. If you don't have the motivation to make a website without stealing someone elses then you should leave this site and literally never return! Nobody wants you here!