August 26, 2023 - im never touching an iframe ever again

I've been going balls off the walls reamking this blog LMFAO1!!!! i wrote the date as the 26th, then thought it was actually the 25th, and that the 26th was tomorrow but TODAYS THE FUCKING 26TH. whatever bro im so over these goddamn iframes 😭😭😭😭 this is supposed to be my school blog so.

Last friday i was absolutely GRINDING IXL and my Geometry teacher said that what we get on the IXL is whats put in the gradebook. SO I HAVE TO 100/100 MULTIPLYING POLYNOMIAL IXLS GAHHHHHHHHH shes the sweetest person ever though i think shes amazing im just frustrated with IXL!!! she has such a nice voice and is really nice!!!!